Here’s the second installment from the Hidden Treasure Mix series.

This week from the Ukranian producer Delta X.

It’s pretty lush.

Radio Coco -Hidden Treasure Mix 002 - Delta X by Radiococo on Mixcloud

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Blak Nite  - Wicca

VVV - Together (inside us)

Irrelevant - No Love

Delta X -Suddenly

Origami Sound - Week 3 (Arapaima x Ghostek x Anthony Drawn x Liar)

Stiver – Paralyzed

Ext & Delta X - Moscow

Delta X & Ext - Fallen

Volor Flex - You In Me

Volor Flex - About You

Elo Method & Subranger - Make Believe

Elo Method - Enter the Heavens Door

Nocow - Struggle

Synkro - Tell Me

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When did you start producing? Why did you start?

I started writing music in 2009, quite by accident. I was sick and I had nothing to do so I downloaded a program for writing music and began to play. Over three years I formed my musical tastes, my experience of writing music, and I began to create a sound that I feel speaks to the soul.

Who/what are your major influences? Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m certainly influenced by Burial ,Nocow and Kaiori Breathe.

I take inspiration from my personal life, love problems, friends, bad weather, bad moods inspire me too.

Who would you love to collaborate with? (1 realistic, 1 fantasy)

I’d like to collaborate with my friend from Ukraine called, Ext. We are preparing an album, but it is a secret for now.

I really want to work with Russian musician, Volor Flex , he is Russian Burial!

Vinyl, CD or digital?


What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on a gig?

Personally nothing has happened to me, but once all the equipment switched off!

Do you think anyone can learn to DJ and/or Produce? What’s your best tip for beginners?

It’s important to write from the heart, and not for the money. Try to use less samples, as for myself I know. I reckon almost all of those who are beginning to write, first use the samples and don’t be afraid if something doesn’t work.

What do you listen to most in a track?

I listen to the track completely, I appreciate every sound.

Are you making a conscious decision to create a certain “sound” in your music? How do you plan to set yourself apart from others?

I’m not trying to come up with your own personal sound, I seek to highlight the structure of the song, and I have it turns out.

What are you hoping to achieve in the long run/ what’s your ambition? Where will you be playing next/ what projects do you have lined up?

I hope to release my next album on vinyl, and I want to play on a stage abroad. It’s a difficult question for me at the moment as I’m spending all my efforts to release the album so that’s where all my concentration is for now.

What are your favourite ways to find new tracks?

I follow many musicians, so I find the new tracks through them.

What’s the future of Dance music? Who do you think will succeed?

It’s important to move forward, music grows with each passing day. But whether that’s in a good or bad way is not really known.

Why is music important?

Music is the life of the people embodied in the sounds, emotions, experiences, joy; it’s all music.

What are your 10 of your favourite tracks at the moment?

My 10 favorite tracks you will hear in the mix

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