It’s the 3rd Monday of September, that means it’s time for Hidden Treasure Mix 004!

I’m super excited about this one because it comes from the exceptionally talented producer Fingalick who has made a mix of entirely his own production.

As always, there’s an interview below in which Fingalick tackles the issues and questions surrounding sampling. He also equates the importance of music to blood. I dig that.

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fingalick - shamepagne

fingalick - Juliet

fingalick - full control

fingalick - owls

fingalick - symbols

fingalick x hvshvsh - more than I

fingalick - lovesexy,magic

fingalick - energy exchange

fingalick - in/out

fingalick - ∆Y∆Y

fingalick - coocoo!

fingalick - friend

fingalick - emotions

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When did you start producing? Why did you start? I started producing music in 2010.

Having grown up with a very intense musical environment - music schools, choir, children’s pop band etc, I felt the urge to disconnect from sounds that have been chewed and put into my mouth and channel own unique ideas. At first it was something of electronic nu-jazz, hip-hop beats, and later, when I got into the whole electronic music community, trends have been coming and going, enriching my original sound.

Who/what are your major influences? Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes mostly from the people - often from particular ones, a lot of my tracks have a clear dedication to certain individuals, mostly females. Natural elements that look amazing to me also add a lot, I’ve created an ode to the miracle of rain a year ago, water elements have a really interesting twist to me. Also, loneliness - for a year that I have been away from home I realized that asceticism is one of the factors that can completely revamp the mind and create inspiration from within. Musical influences tend to come and go, so I cannot name anyone except Machinedrum, who I have been following for the last few years and at last had a chance to play with him this summer.

Who would you love to collaborate with? (1 realistic, 1 fantasy)

I’d love to work with Nocow from Russia, his sound is something out of a dream, has those dark but subtle vibes and the music speaks directly to the listener. Unrealisticly - Thom Yorke. That gentleman is a mastermind of sound. He has tamed music, so now he can play with it in all the horrifying ways he wants. Every piece of his music is a state of art.

Vinyl, CD or digital?

I grew up with bootleg G-Unit CDs, so I naturally feel the most attached to discs. Even though I’ve played quite a bit with vinyls, it is still alien to me. While digital distribution encourages a creative form of presentation to be more appealing, I still feel that digital is very temporary, it does not evoke the feel of ownership for the listener.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on a gig?

In the very beginning of my producing career, I got an opportunity to support Lone in a gig - he was a god from Olympus for me, inspired so much of my ideas and sound. My computer felt the heavy pressure I was bearing that night and decided to go completely nuts - horrible lagging, glitches, samples not playing correctly and a feel of embarrassment for me.

Do you think anyone can learn to DJ and/or Produce? What’s your best tip for beginners?

Absolutely anyone can DJ / Produce nowadays. I mean come on, Lex Luger even made a video on youtube “how to make a trap track”. It’s all within palm’s reach - samples, software, tutorials, the music to get inspired by. Making music , however, is not the same. If one doesn’t have it in him, he wifll never make music, he will just produce beats etc. I might get lynched for this tip, but people should learn at least one musical instrument. It speeds up and smoothens the process of creating music, broadens your view and lets you experiment even more. I feel deeper attached to my music when the track starts from me sitting in front of a piano and trying to come up with something that sounds live.

What do you listen to most in a track?

Every track I listen to is an experience ; you want to get the most out of it, so usually disconnecting from the outside world enhances the feel. Then, I just let my mind roam free and it chooses what it wants to hear that day - the melodic part, the hypnotizing monotony or the lyrics of the song. Usually after the third play I get the whole picture.

You use samples in your tracks which are becoming increasingly popular in a lot of music being produced at the moment, do you think you will move away from sampling and create original vocals?

Yeah, the thing with vocal samples is that when you get an unexpected sparkle of inspiration, you need to put down the ideas from your head into the mix as fast as possible. That means that after you’ve done the skeleton of the track you always feel that a cute r’n’b vocalist could sing on it, so you quickly browse through your library and temporarily put parts of someone else’s voice. Later you somehow get attached to it and it stays that way. But sure, I would love to work with other vocalists, as I’d love to work more with my own voice, and this is coming in the near future probably.

When it comes to using samples from tracks, at what point, for you, does a track become your own and not a remix?

This is a hard one, I never use more than a few phrases nowadays, but a bit earlier I would sample the whole acapella and name that something else, like a ‘rerun’. I guess I hate doing remixes ( done only about 5 in my whole life ), so I manipulate the power of sampled vocals to enrich my own track. There is no particular point, it’s a mean of naming shit. Props have to always be given though.

Are you making a conscious decision to create a certain “sound” in your music?

I never pursue a page with certain fonts and pre-written text. Usually I start hearing that it sounds ‘like that other track I made’ only after I get off my computer for an hour and come back to the track later. Every song is a different feel, so the sound usually tends to be variable. However, I feel that every artist has his personal sound, that’s why we can tell the difference between Jacques Greene and Eliphino. This is my goal as well, to one day say : “wow, this track I made is totally unique”.

What are you hoping to achieve in the long run/ what’s your ambition?

Aside from producing and performing, my main goal is probably to start composing music for movies, video games and other interesting forms of visual art.

Where will you be playing next/ what projects do you have lined up?

We’re going to Outlook festival in Croatia at the very end of August, from then on I want to perform less, but produce more. There are a couple of releases lined up after my ‘Foreplay’ EP, which is coming on the 27th of August - a release of my own vocal experiments and 2 EPs with my freshest music.

What are your favourite ways to find new tracks?

I love to go to my friends’ DJ sets and be like ‘WOAH DUDE, i need this track !”, as I have little time to dig myself, so people who DJ do that for me ( hehe ). Also, Gilles Peterson. I used to listen to his show a lot more when I was in UK than now, but this gentleman has the most amazing music taste, and I usually sit with a pen and a piece of paper and try to write down all the wonderful music he’s playing.

What’s the future of Dance music?Who do you think will succeed?

I feel confident about the future - the past has shown that b ecause dance music has been there for a relatively long time, it is here to stay. Our society dictates the need for danceable music, be it the so-called ‘trap’ or garage. People need to move. Trends will come and go, but the scene will remain strong, adapting and changing, taking things from mainstream music and going underground again.

Why is music important?

Why is blood important ? Music has guided people from the beginning of time, we are physically dependent on it, needless to say we need it to relieve the stress, move, draw inspiration from. For some it is ambience in the daily routine, for others it is the main calling in life. For me, music is a driving force. I cannot start my day without it, I cannot ride a bus in silence. it pushes me through every single day.

What are your 10 of your favourite tracks at the moment?

Jaw Jam - U don’t know

Nocow - The Man Behind the Suit

Machinedrum - Rise and Fall

Frank Ocean - Sweet Life

Jacques Greene - Ready

Koreless & Sampha - On The Way

Ghostek - Vacuum

Roni Size - New Forms (Machinedrum’s Juke Edit)

King Deluxe - Rainbow Covered Home

Cloud Boat - Lions on the Beach

( in no particular order )

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