I’m a big fan of Marmacado. Marmite & avocado on toast.

Don’t knock it till you try it. I could say this same for this mix. I’m a big fan of the music in it; loads of new and forthcoming house and tech house numbers from labels and producers dedicated to quality music.

Like the marmacado, this mix is a little savoury, a little creamy and creates some sort of orgasmatron reaction in your head that makes you always go back for more.

Taken from the last hour of my radio show. I thought the music was so boss it was worth sharing twice.

If you’re reading this thinking what a nobber, allow, I’m enjoying music today yeah.


Coco x

Tony Toyko - I Want You [Forthcoming Roska Kicks & Snares - 3Feb14]
Huxley & Sam Russo - Don’t Undastand [Forthcoming Leftroom - 10Feb14]
Mark Broom – Supersnout (Danny Daze LSD Mix) [Forthcoming Saved Record - Mar14]
Nphonix - Reach Out [Forthcoming Shifting Peaks - 3Feb14]
Midland - Trace (Grain Remix) [Forthcoming Aus Music - 10Feb14]
Steve Parker - System 22 [Forthcoming Ovum Recordings - 25Feb14]
Presk - Rais [Ten Thousand Yen]
Superhero - Darkness of Change (Paolo Rocco’s Late Morning Dub) [Forthcoming Saved Records - Mar14]
Justin Jay - Le Voyou [Forthcoming Dirtybird - 25Feb14]
Special Case - Ice Twice [Get Physical]
Gardens of God - Ys [Forthcoming Ellum - TBC]
Paxton Fettel - Atmas Sphere [Forthcoming Greta Cottage Workshop - 24Feb14]
The White Lamp - Ride With You [Forthcoming Hotflush - 27Jan14]
London Grammar - Hey Now (Bodhi Remix) [Forthcoming MOS - TBC]

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